12 Best Keurig K Cup Holders

Keurig K Cup Holder With Drawer and K Cups

K cups are an excellent way to quickly brew fresh coffee without messing with filters or cleaning up. K cups also keep your coffee tasting fresh because of the airtight seal they provide when not in use. 

But where do you keep all the pods? If you love coffee and drink a lot of it, then you definitely need a k cup holder in your life.

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Summary Best Keurig K Cup Holders:

1.      Keurig K Cup Storage Dispenser

2.      Home-It 42 Keurig K Cup

3.      Home-It 30 K Cup Carousel

4.      Nifty Coffee Pod Carousel

5.      Mind Reader Anchor Coffee Pod Drawer

6.      Keurig K Cup Carousel Storage

7.      Everie Coffee K Cup Storage Carousel

8.      Amazon Basics Coffee Pod Storage Drawer

9.      Coffee Keepers K Cup Holder

10.   Nifty 4 Tier K Cup Holder

11.   Sidekick Vertical K Cup Holder

12.   Deco Bros K Cup Holder

We’ve narrowed it down to these 12 based on price, durability, and ease of use. So if you’re looking for the perfect K cup holder, read on.

Best Keurig K Cup Holder – Top 12

Every serious coffee drinker knows that there is no better taste than being able to make freshly brewed coffee at home. 

Keurig has revolutionized the way people enjoy their coffee. Coffee lovers want a fresh and hot K cup coffee every morning, regardless of whatever comes down their path.

You can find the 12 best Keurig K cup holders here in this list, in no particular order. You can choose from a storage stand, carousel, or clip-on holder for your joe.

1. Keurig K Cup Storage Dispenser

Keurig 5092 K-Cup Storage Dispenser, Black/Clear
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07/21/2024 07:56 pm GMT

This particular K cup dispenser appeals to me because no fuss or hassle is necessary for arranging the coffee pods. 

Drop the K cups into the dispenser and pick them from the bottom. When in a hurry, the last thing you need is the inconvenience of trying to get your favorite K cup out of the dispenser!

The Keurig K cup dispenser stands at a height of 9.25 inches (24 cm) by 11.50 inches (29 cm) and 3 inches (8 cm) wide. There are two dispensers available in this model, and each dispenser holds 24 K cups, which makes the Keurig K Cup Storage Dispenser ideal for those always on the move. 

2. Home-It 42 Keurig K Cup Holder

Home-it 42 Keurig K Cup Holder - Drawer for Keurig cup holder - Metal designed K Cup storage
$28.89 $21.99
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07/21/2024 08:21 pm GMT

As the name suggests, this Keurig K cup holder holds up to 42 K-cups and is ideal for a small family. It is a single drawer with a firm base and top that can hold the Keurig coffee machine. 

The single drawer, which is easy to open and shut, has metal rod dividers that divide the drawer into three parts.

The Home-it 24 Keurig K cup holder keeps your coffee station compact and neat. The flat-top allows you to place your coffee machine over it. 

In an office environment, this is helpful, especially where you usually try to keep workspaces clear of clutter. If there are good deals on K cups, the Home-It 42 Keurig K cup holder may easily be arranged one on top of another, thereby saving space on your counter.

Many positive reviews of this product are based on design and convenience. However, you also need to hear about the negative points, which are also related to the design.

Many people find the drawers and dividers very flimsy. The divider rods and wire basket are unfortunately not very stable and breakable.

The overall rating for this K cup holder is four stars for convenience, easy to clean, space saver, and affordability.

3. Home-It 30 K Cup Carousel Holder

If you are looking for a K cup holder that doesn’t take up much space and neatly organizes your K cup pods, then the Home-it 30 carousel holder is your go-to choice. 

The revolving carousel facilitates finding your favorite coffee flavor while keeping everything contained in one easy-to-reach stand.

The carousel stand comes in at 13.25 inches (34cm) in length, by 12.5 inches (32cm) wide, and 3 inches (8cm) in height and holds 30 K-cups.

The Home-it carousel holder is ideal for those with organization tendencies, like me. With this product, your various K cup pods are openly displayed and organized, so you know when to restock.

Many coffee lovers are not too happy with the swivel action of this product. It does not seem very stable; in fact, many have said it was “wobbly” and did not approve of the metal it was constructed of, saying it was of cheap quality.

The rating for this product is decidedly a 3 star. It’s very affordable but, the quality of it is questionable.

4. Nifty Coffee Pod Carousel (Compatible With Keurig K Cups)

If you are looking for a carousel K cup holder, I suggest going with this Nifty Coffee Pod. 

It is constructed of hard-wearing plastic and is available in various colors. It neatly organizes and displays your coffee pods in a vertical, rotating stack.

It is an ideal space saver, standing at 13 inches (33,02 cm) in height with 7 inches (18 cm) in diameter. 

The swivel base makes a 360° rotation, which helps you find and select your favorite coffee flavor with little fuss and hassle.

The Nifty Coffee Pod is available for 35, 36, and 40 K cups, so depending on your coffee addiction, you can keep your coffee fix close to you with this Nifty K cup holder.

There are some rave reviews for this product! It has a 5-star review for its attractiveness, sturdiness, easy rotation, and access. It is compact enough to fit on your counter or in the cupboard.

The negative features of this product are that it tends to tip over if uncommonly bumped into. It is also tricky to refill as the pods rest against one another, making it difficult for the pods to go all the way into the casing.

5. Mind Reader Anchor Coffee Pod Drawer

Mind Reader Anchor Coffee pod drawer, 13.72 height,12.87 width inches, Black
$21.99 $17.79
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07/21/2024 08:12 pm GMT

The Mindreader Anchor Coffee Pod Drawer holds 36 K cups and is another great space saver, affordable and convenient. 

But don’t be distracted by the triple drawers. It still holds 36 coffee pods, with 12 pods in each drawer, but you can decide to organize the drawers in the best way.

So whether you choose to organize the space according to the strength of the brew depends on you. Another good reason this product is quite popular amongst coffee lovers. 

It is also easy to clean up any spills, has a sleek design, and is convenient to select coffee pods.

Besides all the features already mentioned, what is so great with this product is the range of colors available that can fit in with the kitchen décor.

The opposing point of this product is that the narrow drawers do not accommodate all coffee pod types.

The cover also is not firm enough to hold bigger Keurig coffee machines and tends to cave under the weight.

6. Keurig K Cup Carousel Storage

If you are uncertain about which brand of K-cup holder to choose, I suggest you go with a brand that has been in the coffee market for years and knows not just about making coffee but also about accessories that go with it.

The Keurig storage carousel holds up to 49 K-cups and measures 8.66″ L x 8.46″ W x 11.81″ H. 

The revolving carousel allows for easy accessibility to the coffee pods. Users rave about its quality and how smooth it is when rotating to view your choices.

You can’t go wrong with you opt to go with the brand that has become synonymous with coffee.

7. Everie Coffee K Cup Storage Carousel 

The Everie K cup carousel holds 40 coffee pods, eight pods on each of the five tiers. It is one of the few K cup storage facilities that can hold this many pods and is practical for those bulk-buying jaunts.

Despite being vertical, with the base measuring 8 inches in diameter, this versatile product saves you 20% over-the-top space, more than other products of similar design.

The Everie Carousel organizer offers you the following features:

·        The pods are all displayed upright, with labels facing toward the user

·        The ergonomic knob allows the user to rotate the K cup holder with ease

·        There is also easy access to retrieve or refill pods

·        Each K cup holder has an extended lip at the bottom half of the holder, which prevents the pods from falling over when the holder is rotated

As great as this product is, it has a few drawbacks.

The Everie Carousel K cup Holder needs to be assembled. So, if you decide on this product, be prepared to tap into your handyman skills.

Each component is separate and requires assembly, which is reason enough to believe that, as a whole, the Everie Carousel K cup holder is not very sturdy or as durable as other single K cup holders.

8. Amazon Basics Coffee Pod Storage Drawer

Amazon Basics Coffee Pod Storage Drawer for K-Cup Pods, 36 Pod Capacity
$24.29 $17.98
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07/21/2024 08:16 pm GMT

The K cup holder by Amazon Basics offers you storage for 36 pods. 

This practical K cup holder minimizes countertop clutter and maximizes space because your Keurig can sit right on top. Measuring 13.5 L x 12.9 W x 2.5 H inches it won’t take up much real estate in your kitchen or on your coffee bar.

The three drawers pull out at eye level, thus making it easier to get to your favorite coffee pod. 

An additional feature of this product is the anti-slip pad on the bottom, which holds it in place and prevents any possibility of it damaging your countertops.

 9. Coffee Keepers K Cup Holder

Coffee Keepers Under Cabinet Coffee K-Cup Holder (Patented Technology) 13" Wx9 Lx1 H
$39.99 $37.49
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07/21/2024 08:22 pm GMT

Coffee Keepers presents this unique K cup holder that fits under your counter rather than the common over-the-top types. This distinctive feature is for when you are limited to space on your office or kitchen countertops.  

The Coffee Keepers K cup holder is open on both ends and easily accessible. 

This holder is attached to the cabinet roof employing adhesive tape for more discreet storage. The adhesive tape does not damage or leave any traces when removed. 

The product is available with a set of screws and pre-drilled holes if the user prefers the K cup holder to be mounted on the wall or cabinet.

This product is compatible with coffee pods of all sizes, and varieties and fits all brands, including Keurig K cups.

The downside of this particular K-cup holder is that it holds only 24 K cups so if you or your crew drink a lot of coffee it may not hold enough for your needs.

An adhesive tape also means the adhesive will eventually weaken and not stick anymore. It may be advisable for those looking for a more permanent K-cup holder to drill it into a more stable spot.

10. Nifty 4 Tier K Cup Holder

Nifty 4 Tier K Cup Holder, Holds Up To 72 Coffee Pods
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Now we get to the king of K cup holders, for the serious coffee drinker! The Nifty 4 tier K cup holder holds up to 72 K-cups. It is therefore perfect for a large household or an office setting.

The flat-top allows the user to store additional mugs, sugar sachets, or creamer pods, and it does not take up much space on your counter.

It stands at the height of 9.8 inches (25cm), 7 inches wide (18cm), with a depth of 12.8 inches (33cm). There are four drawers in this model, each holding 18 K cups. 

A Five tier holder is also available in this brand and stores up to 90 K cups.

The rating on this model is five stars; that’s how fantastic this product is! 

11. Sidekick Vertical K Cup Holder

Sidekick Pod Holder Side Mount Made in USA K Cup Pods Storage Compatible with Keurig Coffee Makers, Perfect for Small Counters
$8.99 $7.99
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07/21/2024 08:21 pm GMT

This unique product is perfect if you are restricted by space. It glues on very nicely to the side of the coffee maker, with no fuss, hassle, or messiness.

Each pack contains three vertical units, which hold 5 K cups at a time. The exceptional attribute of this product is that you can add on extra units as the need arises.

The easy removal of backing paper allows for simple attachment to any clean surface. However, because the adhesive will eventually weaken, it is not ideal if you are looking for a more permanent K-cup holder.

This is one of the more affordable K cup holders on the market.

12. Decos Bros K Cup Holder

Deco Bros 3 Tier Drawer Storage Holder 54 Keurig Coffee Pod
$29.99 $26.47
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07/21/2024 09:20 pm GMT

The Decos Bros is another trendy and well-respected brand amongst coffee connoisseurs, especially Keurig lovers.

This product has a length of 12.8 inches (33cm), a width of 7 inches (18cm), and a height of 7.9 inches (20,01cm). The low height of the Decos Bros K cup holder is excellent for height restrained cabinets.

The drawers slide in and out effortlessly, and each drawer has a storage capacity of 18 K cups, each giving you a total of 54 K-cups. The larger storage facility gives the Decos Bros K cup holder an edge over its competitors.

Unlike other products of similar design, customers have not complained about the design or materials used in this product. They affirm it is sturdy, saves space on the counter, and is easy to clean and store away if necessary.

This product is rated 4.5 stars.

How To Select The Best K Cup Holder For Your Space

If you’re a coffee-lover, brewer, and a K cup user, you probably know the challenges of finding the best Keurig K cup holder. Different companies make so many models that it can quickly become overwhelming trying to find the best one for you.

Here are a couple of crucial aspects to consider when selecting the Best Keurig K cup holder.

Stability On Keurig K Cup Holders

One of the features you need in a Keurig K cup holder is that it is stable and does not collapse or tip over. 

You need all parts of the K cup holder to be firm but not flimsy. With drawer-style K-cup holders, you sometimes find the drawers are often made with wire, which is not strong, and they bend or fold under pressure.

On the other hand, the carousel Keurig K cup holders give some stability because they are often composed of a single component. However, some of the carousel K cup holders with multiple parts are not as structurally sound as the vertical design and they can easily tip over.


The Style Of Keurig K Cup Holders

When you have a coffee machine that you use daily like the Keurig, you obviously want to be able to access the coffee pods as easily as possible. Therefore you require a K cup holder that suits your needs.

With a K cup holder, you need the K cups to be visible, and easy to access, and some prefer they not be in a drawer. 

For these sorts of coffee lovers, the carousel K cup holder is perfect. Sometimes, however, the carousel-type K cup holders are unavailable to suit the décor of your kitchen.

If you need all appliances to complement one another, perhaps the drawer-style Keurig K cup holders are for you. They are more visible, with the Keurig coffee machine sitting over them. There are also more color options available to suit the style of your kitchen or coffee bar.

Why Use A K Cup Holder?

A K cup holder has two main functions; ease of access and saving space. You’ll spare yourself from digging for your pods when it’s time for a coffee break.

Keurig K Cup Holders – Selection Ease

There are so many different K cups available in various flavors, roasts, and even organic K cups that we’re all spoiled for choice. Keurig K cup holders allow you to arrange them in an organized manner to find precisely the flavor you want.

The drawer-style K cup holders are pretty popular amongst coffee lovers for versatility. The drawer-style K cup holder keeps the K-cups uniform and neat and allows users to view all the K cups.

K cup holders with multiple drawers do not permit all the K-cups to be viewed at once. Nevertheless, they are organized in a manner that is within easy reach.

Keurig K Cup Holders – Space Saver

A K-cup holder is handy, so the pods are organized in one place, easy to find your favorite flavor, and visible. The other reason is that the K cup holders should not take too much space on your kitchen counter or office breakroom.

The Keurig drawer type K cup holder is sleek enough to fit in the corner of the counter and is unobtrusive. The Keurig coffee machine sits over it, which also is a space saver. These drawers can also fit into the cupboard if you are low on counter space.

Although suitable for holding K cups, the Keurig carousel K cup holder, some users have expressed difficulty in reaching for the pods. It really depends on what type of space you have for your coffee machine and accessories.

You have countless options open to you when selecting a Keurig K cup holder. And these depend on your needs, how much of a coffee drinker you are, and your space requirements. You can find the K cup holder best suited to you based on these.


Different attributes should be considered before buying a Keurig K cup holder, such as its size, design, durability, and even price. These K cup holders can help you keep everything neat and organized. Every product has its pros and cons, but they’re a great way to enjoy your favorite coffee brand anytime.