Ultimate Baratza Encore Review – Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Baratza Encore Conical Burr Grinder In Black

The Encore is an entry level grinder and Baratza’s most basic model but that doesn’t stop it from also being their best selling grinder. 

Baratza is known for their high quality grinders and superior customer service. Their motto is don’t dump it, fix it! They purposefully design their grinders to be maintained like commercial grinders and that includes the ability to be easily repaired.

Our Baratza Encore review takes a detailed look at the grinder’s design, grinding ability, ease of use, and who the grinder is best suited for.

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Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder (In White or Black)
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The Baratza Encore Review

As we mentioned above the Encore is an entry level grinder but, as with all Baratza models it delivers on quality and consistency. 

It’s going to cost you more than a blade grinder or a disc burr grinder but, they can’t hold a candle to the conical burr grinders in the Encore.

It’s a high quality product with a powerful motor and plenty of grind settings to achieve the perfect grind for your favorite brew.


The Encore is designed for home use and with that in mind Baratza kept it compact and lightweight. 

With dimensions of 4.7” x 13.8” x 6.3” (WxHxD) and weighing just 7lbs it fits under most kitchen cabinets and can also easily be moved around to conform to the space in your home. 

The Encore doesn’t have any convenience features like dose control and timers but, it’s design doesn’t skimp on quality.

It has a powerful, high-torque DC motor to drive the burrs. The motor is made to turn slowly which results in reduced heat and noise. 

It’s equipped with an automatically resetting thermal cutoff switch to protect the motor from overheating in times of excessive use. 

If a jam occurs it can also recognize it and perform a quick shutoff to avoid damaging any parts. Pretty impressive for an entry level grinder. 

The bean hopper can hold up to 8oz of beans and the grounds bin has a 5oz capacity. 

Barataza offers a hopper extender that can be purchased separately. It adds another 9 ounces of capacity to the existing bean hopper. 

As part of our Baratza Encore review we also consider how the product looks as part of it’s design. 

With a plastic body we can’t say it’s anything great to look at but, at the same time it doesn’t look cheap. 

It comes in a black or a white finish and will easily work with whatever your current home decor is. 

Grinding Ability

The Baratza Encore has 40 settings making adjusting from coarse to fine a breeze. The grind range is from 250 to 1200 microns. 

If you’re new to grinding your own coffee that just means the Encore is capable of producing the correct grind for all brewing styles. 

Baratza stands out from its competitors when it comes to producing consistent grinds. 

During our Baratza Encore review we found that although you can calibrate the grind size to be for espresso we don’t recommend using the grinder if espresso is your jam. 

Here and there it will work without issue but, if you’re using it everyday for a fine grind it’s not going to last. You’re better off with a more advanced grinder. 

This is not a negative mark against the Baratza Encore – we have to remember this is an entry level grinder. 

Ease Of Use

Using the Baratza Encore is simple and straightforward. 

There’s an on/off switch located on the side and a pulse button that’s centrally located on the front. There aren’t any timers or dose control features to set. 

The hardest part is likely going to be learning how much coffee you need to grind for your preferred method of brewing. 

We did notice static causing some of the grounds to stick to the inside which can be messy when it’s time to clean the grinder out but, it’s nothing a brush can’t easily take care of. We didn’t experience any getting on the counter.

It’s one of the few grinders in its price range that allows for calibration. 

That might not sound like a selling point if you’re just starting out but, as you get more comfortable grinding your own beans it comes in very handy to achieve your desired setting.

Baratza Encore Review - design, ease of use, maintanence and who shouldn't buy it


You don’t need any tools to remove the burrs and that’s a big win when it comes to cleaning. 

The bean hopper lifts right off and then you just have to lift off the rubber seal and the grind ring.  Use a brush to clean the conical burr, rubber seal, and grind ring. Then if needed turn the grinder upside down to let any old grinds fall out. 

The grounds bin is also removable and if you really want to go the extra mile you can rinse it along with the bean hopper. Just be sure to allow them to dry 100% before putting them back on. 


This machine packs a big punch in the value department. For it’s relatively low cost it’s very high quality. 

Yes, it’s more expensive than other entry-level grinders but, with the Encore you get what you pay for and then some. 

This grinder will last for years and with the ability to reach out to Baratza’s fabulous customer service in the instance it needs to be repaired you’re getting even more value.

What We Like

40 grind settings is a real win in our book. It’s great for experimenting with different brewing methods and has no issue going from Aeropress to French press

Even if you use the same brewing method daily 40 settings come in quite handy for tweaking the grind to what you feel is perfection.

Baratza’s customer service is literally the best. They legitimately care about their customers and the experience they have with their products. You can buy with 100% confidence not only from a quality standpoint but also from a service standpoint.

What We Don’t Like

The Baratza Encore doesn’t have a scale and while at this price point we can’t be mad about it we don’t have to like it. 

It grinds on the slow side, granted that’s intentional and means a quieter grinding process and reduced heat but, we’re impatient when it’s time for our favorite cup of coffee.

Who’s The Baratza Encore Best Suited For?

We recommend the Encore to anyone who is serious about brewing with uniform coffee grounds. You’re not going to find another grinder in this price range that delivers the same level of consistency. 

It’s also perfect for anyone that’s new to home brewing and wants a burr grinder with a simple and user-friendly design. With 40 different grind settings and it’s quality construction you’ll be growing and learning with your Encore for years to come.

Who Shouldn’t Buy The Encore?

If you’re pinching pennies and want something cheaper that still gives you a consistent grind check out the Capresso 560.04 Infinity Conical Burr Grinder

It doesn’t provide anywhere near as consistent of a grind as the Encore but, the price difference is substantial. 

You could also get a manual grinder which will deliver on consistency and cost much less but that will obviously require some daily elbow grease to grind your beans.

If you want a burr grinder with advanced options and customization the Encore probably isn’t going to be the best choice for you. Consider its big brother the Baratza Virtuoso Plus. It has more options but, it’s still very easy to use and suitable for beginners and old pros alike (read our review here).

If you are an espresso fanatic don’t buy the Encore. It’s capable of grinding fine enough for espresso when pulled through a pressurized portafilter (sold separately) but it’s not going to cut it if you want to test out different micro-adjustments. It just puts too much strain on the motor and you’re likely to cause damage to the grinder. Instead, consider the Rancilio Rocky Espresso Grinder. It’s capable of grinding up to 7.7lbs per hour and grinds directly into a portafilter.

Final Word

The Baratza Encore is a great choice for entry level grinders or anyone looking to upgrade from a manual grinder or a blade grinder. 

If you buy the best coffee beans and want to ensure they’re transformed into a consistent grind every time you can’t go wrong with the Encore. 

We hope you’ve found this Baratza Encore review helpful. If you’ve decided it’s the grinder for you head on over to Amazon and treat yourself!