Best Coffee Scale to Buy In 2022: 8 Super Accurate Scales

Digital coffee scale weighing coffee beans in an orange mug

One day you brew the yummiest coffee you’ll ever remember.

The next day, you brew a worst cup. And that sucks, big time!

You start thinking hard on what you did right last time that you’re doing wrong today.

And no one likes thinking hard before making coffee. Starting the process over isn’t an option, ain’t nobody got time for that! 

Not only is it time-consuming, but it’s not a guarantee that you’ll make a tasty cup the second round.

Here’s a big secret:

You can take guesswork out of your coffee preparation routine by using the best coffee scale.

A coffee scale is a game changer when it comes to brewing coffee.

And it’s because it adds one important element to your coffee brewing: a consistent flavor.

Simply put, your brew will be more balanced and super delicious every morning.

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Quick Glance: Our Top 3 Picks For Coffee Scales 

1. Hario V60 Drip Coffee Scale

2. American Weigh Scales Blade Series Pocket Coffee Scale

3. TIMEMORE Coffee Gram Scale

Summary: Best Coffee Scales

Bulletproof French Kick Whole Coffee Beans

Hario V60 Drip Coffee Scale

  • Precise

  • Easy to use

  • Auto shut off

Koffee Kult Dark Roast 100% Arabica Whole Coffee Beans

American Weigh Scales Blade Series Pocket Coffee Scale

  • LCD display

  • Compact

  • Great value

Stone Street Coffee, Cold Brew, Coarse Ground Best Coffee For French press

TIMEMORE Coffee Gram Scale

  • Built-in timer

  • LCD display

  • Rechargeable battery

8 Best Coffee Scales

A consistently delicious cup of coffee is just a coffee scale away.

Keep reading to find the best one for your needs.

1. Hario V60 Drip Coffee Scale

Hario V60 Drip Coffee Scale and Timer, Black
$56.50 $47.51
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03/09/2024 12:16 am GMT

To make great tasting coffee, you must take precision into account and that’s where Hario V60 comes in.

This scale measures coffee in 0.1 increments, giving you the best precision ever. 

This way, achieving the golden coffee to water ratio becomes painless. As a result, your coffee will be well balanced and tasty.

V60 features a drip timer to ensure perfect bloom and pours each time.

Blooming coffee helps to get rid of carbon dioxide, which if it remains in the coffee, can impart a sour taste. Carbon dioxide can compromise the coffee’s aroma and flavor.

But for how long should you bloom the coffee to get rid of the carbon dioxide? No one can tell except the drip timer on this scale.

The scale’s minimalist design makes it compact enough to be stored in the drawer and also fit on a small counter space.

On top of that, the scale’s tray is broad enough to fit on different coffee jugs including Chemex and V60.

This scale automatically powers off in 5 minutes, which saves the power and allows you to focus on brewing a delicious cup of java instead of remembering to power it off.

But if the integrated timer is on, the auto power off feature is disabled. This allows you to take the right time and make a tasty cup.

What We Like

  • Easy to store in the drawer due to the minimalist design
  • Auto-off after 5 minutes
  • You can easily track bloom and pour times
  • Easy to use
  • Accurate weighing to 0.1g

What We Don’t Like

  • Build material isn’t very sturdy


Want to up your pour over game and have delicious coffee each time? We recommend using the Hario V60 for its precision and built-in timer.

2. American Weigh Scales Blade Series Pocket Coffee Scale

Digital Pocket Weight Scale with Retractable Display 100g x 0.01g (Black), BL-100-BLK
$18.99 ($18.99 / Count)
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03/12/2024 07:35 pm GMT

Just because you’re traveling, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a tasty cup of Joe. The Blade Series Scale is perfect if you need a pocket-size scale to travel with.

Measuring 4.1 x 4.1 x 1.1 inches, this coffee scale can display different weighing units, including grams, grains, carats, and ounces. Simply press the mode button to select your preferred units of measure.

Not only is this scale accurate, it’s also easy to read. 

It comes with an LCD display, which makes reading the units hassle-free even if you’re still drowsy in the morning. The high-precision sensors enhance accuracy, every time.

With a stainless steel surface, this scale is easy to clean and lightweight.

Here’s the best part:

This scale comes at a wallet-friendly price with features similar to those of premium scales.

For example, it’s small footprint makes it fit on the drip tray of most espresso machines while still giving you some clearance to observe the extraction process.

What blew our mind most was the accuracy of this scale. It measures up to 0.1g, which means you can brew a reliably flavored cup of coffee every single day.

What We Like

  • Super accurate
  • Easy to read
  • Portable
  • Very affordable
  • Feels sturdy with pretty good build quality
  • 10-year warranty

What We Don’t Like

  • Some say the scale is slow to respond when pressed.
  • Popping the little screen to display requires a lot of force, which can break this scale


If accuracy matters to you, it means you want your coffee to taste great. That means you need an accurate scale for that. The Blade Series scale does a perfect job and is affordable too!

3. TIMEMORE Coffee Gram Scale

TIMEMORE Coffee Gram Scale, Hand Drip,Espresso Coffee Scale,Weigh Digital Coffee Scale with Timer,2000 Grams(Black)
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03/12/2024 09:50 pm GMT

Thumbs up for buying a quality espresso maker. It shows you’re serious about brewing excellent coffee. But without the best coffee scale and timer, you’re probably going to find it’s difficult if not impossible to brew a decent cup of coffee.

The Coffee Gram Scale is the tool you need to achieve not just a decent cup of coffee but, one that’s barista quality.

One of the reasons this scale will help you brew pour-over coffee with ease is the auto-timer.

The feature gives you control over the brewing process so you can control the volume of water being poured and have a perfect extraction time.

Unlike most scales, the Coffee Gram Scale has a broader surface for placing your coffee beans, grains, or any other produce that requires weighing. 

This expansive surface allows you to weigh large masses without the need to add an extra tray.

The scale comes with a built-in rechargeable lithium battery (1600 mAh). The battery lasts for 10 hours. 

This feature saves you the hassle and money needed to keep replacing the batteries. All you have to do is recharge the battery and use it.

Even if you’re outdoors and want to brew coffee on a windy day, this scale will still give you accurate readings, as it’s super sensitive.

The all-matte black color makes this scale a beautiful addition to your kitchen. The texture is frosted and scratch-resistant.

Another reason users adore the piece, is the ingenuous design, and particularly the invisible LCD display. You only see it after pressing the power button.

What We Like

  • Rechargeable battery via a USB cable
  • Scratch-resistant texture
  • Broad weighing surface
  • Clear LCD display
  • Built-in timer to fine tune the brewing process
  • The battery sensor is super accurate

What We Don’t Like

  • Buttons are part of this machine’s scale surface. When you press a button, it’s registered as part of the weight.
  • Not water-resistant


Tired of replacing batteries and want a coffee scale that you can recharge via a USB cable? TIMEMORE Coffee Gram Scale is the solution.

4. Cozy Blue Digital Coffee Scale with Timer

Digital Coffee Scale with Timer for Pour Over and Drip Coffee
$17.99 $14.99
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03/12/2024 06:50 pm GMT

Are you an early morning kind of coffee aficionado?

You need to brew a perfect cup that lights up your face every time. Such coffee requires the right coffee to water ratio and perfect extraction time.

It may be difficult to keep up with that every day, especially when you’re not the only one brewing coffee in the morning.

To make a well-balanced cup of java with a consistent flavor and aroma, you need the best coffee scale.

This scale should be able to do 3 things:

  •  Weigh your coffee (beans or granules)
  •   Measure the water
  •  Time your brewing

And the Cozy Blue Digital Coffee Scale does all the three things for you.

But that’s not all.

This coffee scale can also weigh other things, including baking goodies, dietary ingredients, grains, and jewelry.

And that’s probably the reason it has multiple units: g, ml, lb, oz, and g/ml.

A thermal insulation mat is one of the items that comes with this best coffee scale.

You cover the weighing surface with this mat each time you’re using the scale.

Why is the mat crucial?

  • It’s non-slip to ensure it doesn’t scratch the table or accidentally slip off the table
  • It also keeps a coffee pot from slipping, thus avoiding tray burns

This scale comes with alarm functionality.

You might be wondering, so how does an alarm on a coffee scale help me brew decent coffee?

Well, this is simply a timer for your brewing process. First, you need to set it to 3 to 8 min. After the countdown is over, it’ll beep to remind you coffee is ready.

The feature ensures you don’t end up with savorless coffee just because you didn’t time the process correctly.

What We Like

  • It operates accurately with an accuracy of 0.1g
  • Has multiple units
  • Alarm functionality
  • Heat-resistant mat
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean

What We Don’t Like

  • The timer is manual for this scale, but hey, unlike some scales, it doesn’t go to sleep when you’re waiting for your coffee to bloom.


Want to up your coffee game with a lightweight, pocket-friendly and easy to use scale? You won’t go wrong with the Cozy Blue Digital Coffee Scale.

5. ERAVSOW Coffee Scale

The best coffee scale should be easy to use, easy to read, easy to clean, and easy to store.

And the ERAVSOW Coffee Scale has all of those covered.

The LCD display is large with a clear, orange backlight. You can read it when you’re up at the crack of dawn and sleepy or when the kitchen light is dim.

When not in use, you don’t have to struggle looking for space on the counter or in the drawer to store this coffee scale.

Instead, use the hanger hole at the back to store the scale on hooks or a rack.

The device features a high precision G-sensor to help deliver accurate measurements from 1g to 3000g.

Converting to other units, such as oz, ml, and g is super easy. 

Combine this feature with the scale’s max capacity (3000g) and you can use it to weigh a slew of other items in the kitchen as well. Examples include baking products, jewelry, fruits, and cereals.

There’s a rubber mat to protect the top surface from liquid spills and heat. This cover is easy to remove and clean.

The built-in timer also ensures you don’t over-brew your coffee. The timing range is between 0 to 59 min and 59 sec.

What We Like

  • Easy to use
  • Large and legible LCD display
  • Has a notch at the back for easy storage
  • Quick unit conversion
  • High precision
  • Stainless steel tray
  • Auto power off

What We Don’t Like

  • You can’t clear the timer by turning off the device. You should first stop and clear it before you press and hold the power button down.


This is one of the best coffee scales with a stainless steel tray, rubber mat, timer, and clear LCD display. And the price tag is impressive!

6. FEESPEC Coffee Scale with Timer

When weighing espresso beans and water to start the brewing process, accuracy is paramount. And speaking of accuracy, the FEESPEC Coffee Scale scores brownie points.

Here’s why.

It has 4 built-in advanced weighing sensors evenly distributed at the corners to provide accurate weighing.

But wait, there’s more.

The scale shows real time readings with 0.1g or o.1oz increments. This gives you an accurate value of the weight of each bean.

Everyone can read the values on the screen whether at night or daytime. The display is big with an LED backlight.

Use this scale to weigh anything in g, ml, or oz. This multipurpose use is what makes the scale popular. So, you can go ahead and weigh milk powder, baking ingredients, fruits, veggies, and even postage estimation.

There’s an auto power-off functionality that works after the scale has been idle for ten minutes. Focus on the brewing process and never worry with remembering to turn your scale off. 

FEESPEC Coffee Scale comes with two important accessories. There’s a removable and washable silicone pad to protect the weighing surface from spills.

The second one is a stainless steel coffee spoon to add or remove extra beans from the scale to achieve your desired reading.

What We Like

  • The weight is highly accurate to the tenth
  • Easy to read display
  • Auto turn-off
  • Fits perfectly on espresso machines

What We Don’t Like

  • The rubber pad doesn’t stay attached to the scale surface.


Looking for an accurate coffee scale with a perfect size, clear visibility and controls at a budget-friendly cost. Look no further than the FEESPEC Coffee Scale.

7. Outry Coffee Scale

OUTRY Coffee Scale with Timer, High Accuracy Kitchen Food Scale with Tare Function, 6.6LB/3KG Max Load, 0.1g Precision Sensor, Batteries Included

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03/09/2024 05:21 am GMT

When you’re craving coffee in the morning, you want the preparation to take the shortest time possible. You need to use the best coffee scale that’s sensitive enough to give you accurate readings in a snap.

That’s where the Outry Coffee Scale comes in handy. It has a high precision sensor to deliver fast and accurate responses.

So, when adding your ground coffee or water to its surface, it registers weight changes instantly.

Scales that take too long to respond can be a pain. And the major reason for the delayed response is usually a low battery. Fortunately, Outry Coffee Scale has a low battery reminder.

Instead of waiting for readings that take forever to show, you just need to swap the batteries and go on with brewing, as planned.

Like the Hario V60 Scale, the Outry Coffee Scale has a built-in timer to help you time the brew so you can end up with a consistently delicious cup of coffee. The timing can go up to 99 minutes and 59 seconds.

Want to weigh other produce at home without investing in another weighing scale? Outry Coffee Scale does it all for you.


It has different units of measure, including milliliters, grams, grams per milliliter, pounds, etc. It also has a weight limit of 3 kg.

So, if you’d like to weigh other produce, such as fruits, meat, rice, or potatoes, you simply choose the desired unit of measure and you’re good to go.

There’s a silicone mat to guard the scale from liquid spillage and heat that might damage it. You can easily remove the mat for cleaning.

When not in use, protect the scale with the hard plastic cover. If the weighing surface becomes too small for some items, you can still use the plastic cover as a tray.

Did we mention there’s an overload indicator too? You can’t easily overload this machine and break it down. This feature saves you repair and replacement costs.

What We Like

  • Gives fast and accurate readings
  • Can be used to weigh other products
  • Overload and low battery indicator
  • Silicone mat protects the scale from heat and liquid spillage
  • Built-in timer to track brewing duration

What We Don’t Like

  • A backlit panel may drain the two AAA batteries quickly


If you’re looking for the best coffee scale with premium features at the fraction of the cost, try Outry Coffee Scale. It’s reliable and multipurpose.

8. HuiSmart Digital Coffee Scale

Coffee scales are fantastic, but they shouldn’t increase your coffee preparation time, right?

Speaking of which, HuiSmart Digital Coffee Scale comes with the on/off, start/stop, and tare buttons that make operation trouble-free.

On top of that, there’s the auto-zero resetting feature that saves your time and energy, especially when weighing one item after the other.

The distinct LCD display and blue backlit make the readings easily visible. Thus, you don’t have to strain your eyes even in dim light.

Not only will this scale help you prepare flavorful coffee every time, it also keeps maintenance costs down.


It auto powers off if there’s no operation for 4 minutes, which helps to preserve the battery energy.

And it gets better:

This is one of the best coffee scales with two scales: coffee and kitchen scale. This makes your work around the kitchen a piece of cake.

Simply put, you can weigh coffee beans or ground coffee using the coffee scale. But you can also weigh a host of other stuff with the kitchen scale, including sugar, salt, rice, vegetables, fruits, cooking oil, spices and you name it!

Using the right amount of everything prevents waste and saves money making the HuiSmart Digital Coffee Scale is a priceless addition to your kitchen.

The scale is only 20 x 13 x 3 cm and 10.56 ounces (299.4g), making it easy to carry and store. So, when going on a trip, toss it in your bag and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee.

This compact size also makes it fit nicely on your counter without occupying massive space. If you want to move it to wipe the counter or create some space, no problem at all!

What We Like

  • Feather light and thus travel-friendly
  • Easy to clean and store
  • Operating it is a walk in the park
  • Built-in timer for pour over coffee lovers
  • Multifunctional scale
  • Silicon mat protects the device from heat when pouring coffee
  • Measures coffee accurately

What We Don’t Like

  • Slow readings


Looking for the best coffee scale that also doubles as a kitchen scale? HuiSmart Coffee Scale does the job perfectly. It’s also accurate and easy to read.

Why Use A Scale To Measure Your Coffee?

Some coffee lovers see no reason why they should weigh coffee whenever they are brewing. 

They are not willing to disrupt the brewing routine they have long mastered. They judge the weight with their eyes and the tablespoon.

But could they be missing something? The short answer is a firm yes.

Using a scale to measure your coffee beans may add an extra step to your usual coffee making procedure, but it brings with it some benefits you may want to consider before dismissing the whole idea.

A coffee scale actually has a role to play in how your coffee will eventually taste, so if you are concerned about your coffee’s taste, you should be concerned about the weight of each scoop of coffee you pick up.

Matter of fact:

About 69% of coffee drinkers are drawn to it because of its taste, after all.

Many people now embrace the coffee scales, unlike in the past when only a few high-end coffee shops used them to brew.

Here is why you need to use a scale to measure your coffee:


Coffee is one drink with several tastes, depending on the type of coffee, origin, processing, brewing method, grinding method, and shelf life, among others.

Different people have different tastes, and each person hopes to maintain consistent taste. You will love your coffee more if you discover a particular taste and master how to get it.

One way you can ensure you get the same coffee taste each time you brew it is by maintaining a consistent recipe. 

Measurements are an essential part of the recipe, as we all know. Coffee taste happens to be so sensitive that a slight change in bean weight inevitably affects its taste.

By failing to maintain a consistent taste, you seem to be drinking different coffees every day. Today it’s sour, tomorrow it’s fine and on the third day, it’s bitter.

Hence having a scale to measure the beans and the water goes a long way in ensuring you get the same great taste every time you brew your coffee.

A scale takes guessing out of the brewing process. 

Coffee beans are different in weights and density, so you shouldn’t rely on your eyes to determine how many beans are enough.


With a scale, you can maintain using 15 grams of coffee every morning. You can then always brew the coffee in peace, knowing you are on top of things.

With a scale, you can also easily comply with the standard coffee to water ratio accepted all over the world by millions of coffee lovers. The ratio is 1:15-17, which is one gram of coffee for every 15-17 grams of water.

That is easy to effect, but only with a scale. You can not accurately measure the ratio range with your eyes and if you do, you end up with an unbalanced drink. 

Sometimes it’s over-extraction due to too much water and not enough coffee coffee. This gives you a bitter coffee.

Other times you end up with under-extracted coffee, which is made of too much coffee and little water.

Bean Conservation

Coffee isn’t something you want to waste. You want to use a precise amount everytime you brew. No sense in wasting money trying to eyeball the correct amount. 

Without a scale, you could be unnecessarily using excess beans every day, scooping more than you need, yet assuming it’s the right amount. This should especially concern you if you are on a tight budget.

With a scale, you can conserve your coffee stock. Waste not, want not!

Best Coffee Scale and What To Look For

What to Look For To Buy the Best Coffee Scale

If you’re weighing your options for different coffee accessories the best coffee scale should be at the top of your list. 

When you shop for a coffee scale, you should have a good idea of what kind of scale is the best. You may end up with a good scale alright, but not ideal for weighing coffee beans.

We have compiled a checklist of factors to consider when choosing a coffee scale to help you buy the right one.

Below are the features of an ideal coffee scale:


Generally, digital scales are easy to read. They do not have the congested display you see on analog scales where it can be an uphill task deciding which decimal place the needle points.

Most digital scales have backlights for LCD screens, so it’s easy for you to read the measurement.

A digital scale uses advanced technology that ensures the reading is more reliable or accurate. Most of them are designed to use four digital sensors to determine the weight.

A digital scale is also stable: no wobbling with every slight addition or subtraction as happens with analog scales.

Digital scales are durable because they do not use the spring mechanism like their analog counterparts. They are also easy to travel with, being sleek and lightweight.

A digital coffee scale comes with all these benefits.


The size of your coffee scale should suit your kind of lifestyle. If you are always on the go or travel frequently, you may want to buy an easy-to-carry scale so that you can measure your coffee wherever you are.

If your kitchen is running out of free space, you will also consider a compact scale that won’t take up much real estate.


Some scales are only accurate where decimals are not involved. That is, they would rather round off to the nearest whole number than break things down to the nitty-gritty. 

For instance, some scales can’t measure anything that weighs less than 1 gram.

With coffee, a difference in decimals can cost you – both in wasted coffee and in poor tasting coffee, hence you want more accuracy.

Battery Life

Some coffee scales use 2-3 AAA batteries, while others come with a built-in, rechargeable battery. The latter requires an USB cable for charging. You can decide which one suits you.

Fortunately, most battery-powered scales have a battery low indicator that notifies you when the power is almost depleted.

When you brew frequently, battery life becomes an issue. 

It can be maddening to hear that battery-low warning followed by auto-off sound just when you wanted to measure your coffee, yet you put in new batteries only 3-4 days ago.

In this case, using a rechargeable scale is the best way out.

But that’s just one of the factors to keep in mind. You also need to consider…

Built-In Timer

Some coffee scales are designed with built-in timers to determine how long it takes to brew your coffee.

Once you weigh the beans, the timer lets the scale remain active until after you are through with brewing. It then turns itself off.

This feature is critical as it helps when using the pour-over method to tell how long-blooming should take. A timer ensures you don’t over brew your drink and ruin the final taste.

The best coffee scale should not lack this important feature.

Auto-Off Function

A coffee scale can also have an auto-off function so that it sets itself off after a period of idleness. This helps to save battery life.

It is often easy to forget to turn off the coffee scale after you are through with the measurements and brewing. This auto-off function is a well-thought feature.

Sometimes, you will remember you didn’t turn off the scale once you are seated with your cup of coffee.

Who wants to get up at such a moment? Not this girl.

If you will be using the auto-off scale for pour-over coffee, go for a model that gives you ample time to get down with the brewing before turning itself off automatically.

Some models wait for at least 5 minutes before turning off. Consider them to avoid the inconveniences that come with premature auto-offs.


You may need to clean the scale with water or weigh water and other liquids on it. 

You need to be certain that water won’t damage the device. Most scales come with a removable and washable rubber or silicone mat to protect the surface from water.

So, ensure the one you buy has this feature. And read the manual to know how to clean the scale. 

While some scales are water-resistant, you may need to wipe the surface with a wet cloth rather than immerse the entire unit in water.


Style has nothing to do with the accuracy or precision of your coffee scale, but still, if you care much about your kitchen’s general presentation, the scale design may matter to you.

It is good to buy something that will blend well with your kitchen counter. So as you select the scale, have your kitchen in mind.

Which color will suit the kitchen? Which design is nice to look at? Is it the type of scale you would like to take away with you when traveling?

Final Word

Everything is measured. Think about that for a moment. 

Consistently good coffee is a must and the only way to achieve that is a coffee scale, eyeballing just won’t cut it. 

A coffee scale is there to help you get the measurements right. This way, if you don’t get the taste you hoped for, you can blame something else, not your accurate measurements.

Continue enjoying your coffee. You are in good company.